Creative Decor Ideas for Teen Bathrooms

As a teen, how would you décor your bathroom? Do you add lovely ornaments, or use adorable furniture? Teen bathroom designing is all about creativity. There are no exact rules to make certain décor. All you have to do is find your style and implement it to your bathroom décor. However, if you still can’t define your style, it would be better for you to see some inspirations below. There are some cool teen bathroom décor ideas that you can employ for your own bathroom.

What a cheerful bathroom interior we have in this image. You can see vibrant yellow wall décor. On the wall, there are also some cool items such as vintage wall sconces and some modern wall arts. In addition, this teen bathroom also showcases such marvelous window treatment. The white window in the far end is embellished using a chic orange floral valance. All the decorating elements employed in here are simply perfect.

The next teen bathroom also serves stunning décor idea. The drop in bathtub on the right is enclosed with such an outstanding white geometric curtain. Meanwhile, the brown wooden sink vanity isalso beautified with some colorful vases. Moreover, this bathroom also has nice wall décor idea. On the wall, you will spot the presence of some cool items. There is a gorgeous sunburst mirror on the wall. Next to it, the wall also has two black wooden floating shelves with some framed photographs on them.

The last bathroom has as adorable design as the previous ones. This teen bathroom has light blue wall that looks more cheerful with colorful flower wall stickers. In addition, a lovely white hexagonal mirror is also hung on the wall. Beside this unique mirror, you can spot the presence of two chic gold sconces with white opal glass shades.