Smart Bathroom Shelving Ideas for Tight Spaces

Storage in bathroom is as important as other rooms. However, bathrooms sometimes have smaller space than other rooms. It makes us difficult to provide ample storage option. One of the strategies to overcome this problem is using shelving units. This article will tell you some ideas to add shelving units as additional storage for your bathroom interior. So, take a look at some examples below and find your favorite bathroom shelving idea

There is a decent bathroom interior design in the following illustration. The bathroom looks nice with its square tile wall and a white floating sink. Unfortunately, this bathroom doesn’t left much space for many storage options. To solve this problem, the designer added a shelving unit in this bathroom. He added a marvelous brown tower rack in the corner. This tower rack offers four wooden shelves that help a lot to store bathroom stuff like towels, soaps, and so on.

Meanwhile, we are shown a fascinating white style bathroom. This small bathroom looks fancy with the presence of some furniture such as the classical white drop in bathtub and a white mini bathroom vanity. Meanwhile, the lighting idea also looks fabulous using two classical pendant lamps. Meanwhile, this bathroom also gives an example of a nice shelving idea. In the corner, this bathroom has some recessed shelves. The shelves are mounted on the wall that gives more space to this small bathroom. These white recessed shelves maximize the tight space of this bathroom in an efficient way.

Another image of a cool bathroom idea is seen here. The small modern bathroom below evokes calming nuance with its light blue wall. To give more storage space, the homeowner added some lovely white cuboid shelves on the wall. This bathroom shelving idea not only provides the bathroom more storage option but also beautifies the wall design.